Repairs, Refurbishment and Reproduction

Our Repair Service

From repairing scratches, bumps, nicks or marks to replacing hinges, or replacing legs on your quality favourite, heirloom or antique furniture we can offer the services of our qualified cabinetmakers to assess whether it is possible to repair, and at what cost.  All repairs aim to return the damaged furniture as close to its original form as possible.

Our Refurbishment Service

Often it is better to be proactive than wait until a small job becomes a big job, or you might have an insurance quote to supply we can help.

For any type of furniture repairs; paint, veneer, solid wood and type of furniture whether antique or modern; tables, chairs, desks, side stands, beds, chest of drawers in need of some care, and a clean-up we can assess whether it is a repair or refurbishment, and the cost for you.

Our Reproduction Service

You might already own a bed, chest of drawers, coffee table or bookshelf that you want to have matching pieces made up for.  It might be that the style is no longer available In these cases we can quote on how much it would cost to reproduce and manufacture matching furniture pieces for you.

Keep in mind for some antique furniture specialised equipment is required which we can advise on

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